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Akan datang, peluang pengajian terkini di peranti mudah alih anda

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Mass Promotion

HEI use different channels and sources to promote their programmes (i.e. newspaper insertion, mail blast, instant messaging) to invite potential students for preview / interview sessions


Students choose which preview/interview sessions to attend based on their interest and qualification


Detailed information about each programmes and its details (i.e. course duration, facilities provided, career path) shared during preview/interview sessions


Students make decisions on which programme to register


Challenges of Current Ecosystem

No single/centralised source of information for opportunities in higher education.

Inefficient resources

Low conversion/ROI on printouts, letters, e-cards

Manual Database Storage

Most data/documents are being stored manually and high risk of data manipulation and error in documentation


Decentralised sources

Students receives multiple offers from various sources on education programmes

Conversion Rate

Low lead conversion rate due to scattered information which can cause confusion to students/applicants

Inaccurate information

Information about programs/facilities has high potentials to be manipulated or twisted to attract applicants

Time consumption

Education Consultants requires long time to check and validate applications through current channels

Centralize Information

Relevant information about certain programme/course available through few clicks

Quick Turnaround Time

Fast and reliable feedback on status of application. Thanks to our matching algorithm


Data and confidential information will not be use for other purposes


Live Consultation

Chat and instant messaging platform for Q&A with our experienced education consultant

Available on multi platform

Web application and mobile applications for Google Playstore and Apple Store

Ease of Use

“Tinder” like experience. Like or dislike a programme/course by swiping right or left.

Average turnaround time for every application:

Manual application 0
Online application 0
NakBelajar.IO 0

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Support & Downloads

Available to download by July 2020.


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